Best Foot Forward


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The Best Of Brigade #9 features scenes with ten guys who like to mix sucking on toes and feet with their sex! First, from their first scene from "Time on Their Hands." Michael Xaiver spots Hans Zimmerman in the park and, having just met, Michael tops Hans in bed! Next, from their scene in "Magic Tricks" Lucas DuSolei works on a magic disappearing ball trick for his school's talent show when Jeremie DuNord's dissappears up Lucas' butt instead! Then, in their scene from "E-Males", Billy Gascon tops Jason Desjardin in front of their home gym equipment! Next, in their scene from "Making The Cast”, Geoffri Laurent tops Eric LaCroix in front of and office desk. Finally, in their scene from "Feet And Inches", Alain Medio tops Bryan Gaspe on the carpet in front of the television.

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