Brit Dads Brit Twinks 2

Brit Dads Brit Twinks

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It’s totally disgusting and ought to be against the law, but who can deny that seeing young virgin twinks getting banged by guys nearly triple (!) their age is hot, hot, hot! Indeed, if the fabulous response to our first foray into intergenerational fornication is anything to go by then episode two’s a sure-fire winner! These “Dads” may have some years on the clock but that doesn’t stop them from appreciating pert male beauty – or indeed fucking the living daylights out of it!

Actors: David Harte, Evan Zero, Andy Wood, Finley Yves, Ben Harding, Damion Harrison, Joe James, Joshua Martin, Phlash, Jamie Smythe 

Director: Michael Burling

Language: English

Country: Great Britain

Studio: Brit Dads Brit Twinks

Run Time: 110 minutes

Format: NTSC

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