Boy Crush 3: Virgins


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Boycrush Virgins showcases all the hottest virginity-losing scenes from the Boycrush archive. First, watch Jeremy lose his "bottom-virginity.” Patrick starts slow and gentle but gets rough as Jeremy starts to enjoy it more and more. Jeremy's reactions tell the whole story as Patrick dominates him from behind. Next, Conner admits he has NEVER been fucked, and wants to have his first time recorded! So Shane takes his time, helps Conner relax, and then pushes his cock where no man has gone before! After that, Jay choose's Brandon for his first gay experience who makes sure it's something to remember. He pleasures Jay's 9 incher who returns the favor by jerking off Brandon ‘til they both finish. Next up, Liam steps in as yet another Boycrush boy to lose his virginity on camera. Patrick makes sure to make his first time special with some hot 69 action before lubing up and flip-flopping until they both cum. Next, Chris and Patrick chill out and jerk off together in this straight boy’s first gay sexual experience. Watch him as he lets Patrick suck him off, enjoying every minute of it. Finally, Zach is in for one hell of a new experience when Kevin rips him a new one in this loving double fuck. Kevin pops Zach's boy-cherry and thrusts his cock into Zach's winking boyhole. But Kevin, being the understanding boy he is, lets Zach take a turn topping. As they rise to orgasm, Kevin gets his load fucked right out of his cock.

Director: Bryan Kenny

Language: English

Country: United States

Studio: Boy Crush

Run Time: 108 minutes

Format: NTSC

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