Los Angeles Cum

Blue Alley Studios

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Blue Alley Studios "Los Angeles Cum" is 2 hours of cock sucking in the city of angels. Quentin Silver will take on the hot boys of Los Angeles, making sure their dicks stay hard and no drop of cum goes to waste. Director Leo Greco brings the streets of L.A. into your home, along with sunny weather and the well hung locals.

Quentin is out to suck as many cocks as possible and prove to the world that in a city full of celebrities, there is only one true cock sucking star! This DVD features 10 scenes, where Quentin proves that when it comes to sucking a dick, he's the master. Whether it's stroking, sucking, or licking, Quentin proves that he can do it all. Being such a skilled cock sucker, it's not long before his reputation hits the streets and everyone comes flocking to see how our man can handle a dick.

No cock is too large or thick for Quentin to handle, as he sucks some of the biggest dicks in southern California. This guy can do it all, from the longest dick, to the fattest cock, or to multiple dicks at once. Nothing is to challenging for our man.

Thinking of visiting the south land anytime soon? After watching "Los Angeles Cum", you'll be booking your next flight. Hop on the plane, land at LAX and party like a rock star all night long. Who knows, maybe someone with the skill that Quentin has just may pick you up and give your cock the A list treatment.

Stars: Quentin Silver

Studio: Blue Alley
Director: Leo Greco
Run Time: 118 Minutes

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