Dick Show Volume 3

Dirty Boy Video

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Once again the boys at Dick Show do Not fail to offer up some incredibly hot underground steamy New York boys! Boys with honest-to-goodness appetites for exhibitionism, blessed with Huge schlongs, gigantic cumloads, and rampant sexual appetites! If you don't love this DVD as much as this reviewer did, you are fucked in the head! The problem with most porn is there are too many cuts and edits!! I just want that camera kept on one shot and just be able to stare at it for a long time. Then it's true voyeurism at it's best -- watching sex in real time -- like it's happening in the room next door -- and that's what Dick Show offers us here. Also, there's no obnoxious (or bad!) music track happening. There's just the natural ambience of sex and moans and whispers. Who needs shitty porno music to fuck up my sex buzz? You know what I'm talking about! What's most hot about the unique shooting style of this Dick Show is you get to see the boys talk and answer questions, just be themselves... and then literally get seduced by Donnie the cameraman (who by the way has a drop dead hot body). You're not seeing rehearsed, "directed" fluffed-up scenes in this collection. You're seeing real boys get really turned on and really seduced into Sex!


Running Time: 01:40:19

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