Feet & Inches


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In FEET & Inches, guys find any reason to get it on with each other and in the process, discover the erogenous pleasure of shrimping (sucking on another guy's toes and feet!) First, Jason Desjardin picks Toine Rousseau up in the park, and then the two go back to Jason's house where Toine offers his butt to his gracious host. Next, Alain DuPont has invited Rick LaFonte over to view sports on TV, but all they end up doing is indoor sports where Rick tops Alain in the laundry room. Then, Billy Gascon gives Matieu Taillon a ride into town, and then both take turns topping and bottoming for each other in front of a crackling fire! Finally, Aialin Medio and Bryan Gaspe turn to each other for entertainment when the cable goes on the fritz with Alain topping Bryan in living color!

Studio: Brigade
Director: David Collins
Approximate Running Time: 01:16:00

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