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Scene One:

Teen boy Anthony Thomas gets the kind of punishment we all hope for when caught out watching porn on our lunch break. When two hunky colleagues catch him, they quickly bring him over and show him the tricks of the trade. Lee Jaguar has an amazing huge cock and Korben David isn't far behind him. Both stuffing poor Anthony's face full of cock, then propping him up on the desk and fucking him senseless in great spit-roasting action.

Scene Two:

We all know how great the internet can be for meeting hot guys, and dark haired Anthony Martinez is no different. After inviting hairy and tattooed Jake Ryder over, they don't even make it past the living room. Jake absolutely loves nipple play and Anthony loves arse-play just as much, with great rimming and fingering close ups. Jake can just about tear his mouth away from Anthony's cock long enough for it to be thrust up his hairy hole. There's a great finale to the scene where both spunk all over Jakes sweaty chest and torso.

Scene Three:

The most extreme scene of the film, we see Ashley Ryder continuing the internet theme and meeting a horned up couple of hairy studs for a really intense session. It all starts innocent enough but continue with spitting and cock slapping this three-way action gets harder and harder. These rock solid filthy guy's daisy chain in preparation for an amazingly huge black dildo which Ashley helps Lorenzo fit up his more than willing hole. Ashley doesn't miss the action as Lorenzo and Jenson Lomax take it in turns to fist then both decide to have a go at the same time and Ashley doesn't let us down and takes two fists at once. This hardcore scene will be one that everyone will be talking about.

Scene Four:

Darren Robins thinks he's in for a lonely time in his caravan, that is, until smooth Angel Eyes pitches up. No time for hellos as these two horny guys get straight into it. After plenty of juicy oral action, these guys take it in turns to fuck each other on and around Darren's Jeep before cumming all over each other, all done in the wild woodland.

Scene Five:

The final scene and tattooed Brazilian looking stud Exilir invites Richard Vettori to come over for a spot of relaxation. No sooner has he opened the door than their lips are all over one another. Richard can't get enough of Exilir's smooth bubble butt and is goes down on at the next possible moment before loosening it up and then pumping his big dick inside him. Hung! doesn't let us down, showcasing huge cocks being compelled into willing holes from horned up studs in cock throbbing indoor and outdoor action. There's definitely something for everybody in this, the latest from Bulldog XXX

Studio: Bulldog XXX 
Director: Maxwell B
Approximate Running Time: 01:48:20

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