In The Ass Of The Father


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Not for the first time, director John Smith taps into a rich religious vein to give us a top-notch display of Church life from the inside, where the battle for hearts and souls always seems to come second-best to the battle for hard cocks and hungry, pert asses! Jaro Stone, Yuri Adamov, Mike James and new-boy cutie, Carl Ross, form a stellar cast of dick-crazed talent, all hell-bent in experiencing the lesser-known sacrament of double-dicked fucking and a baptism of hot piss! Life in holy orders has rarely looked so earthy – or so much fuckin’ fun!

Actors: Carl Ross, Florian Mraz, Jace Reed, Jaro Stone, Johny Cruz, Mike James, Shane Hirch, Yuri Adamov

Director: John Smith

Language: Czech
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: SauVage

Runtime: 127 minutes

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