Night Eyes

Bubble B

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Secret eyes watch the city of Prague, finding every beautiful young man in the arms of a friend, lover or sexy stranger. Through every window and behind every curtain, voyeur Richard West sees the smooth and seductive young jocks fucking the night away.

Having fucked the hell out of blond-haired and baby-faced Sancho Sun as payment for delivering his telescope, West settles in for a night of dick from a distance. Tom Nowy come home from a hard day at the office to the even harder dick of his lover Benji Purcell. Two more beauties make out in a window before settling into a slurping sixty-nine.

Across town, there's sexy studs soaping up in the shower and young cuties giving their best friends a helping hand. Anthony Moore may have a bubble butt for the ages, but he'd rather pound beautiful Billy Winchester's inviting hole. When West can't take anymore watching, he goes out into the night himself and finds Phil Sardou, a tall and tasty tourist who loves nothing more than a big hard dick up the ass.

Studio: BubbleB Entertainment
Run Time: 120
Director: Jan Novak
Cast: Sancho Sun, Phil Sardou, Antony Moore, Benji Purcell, Billy Winchester, Denis Rush, Jacob Foreman, Kenneth Gyles, Richard West, Tom Nowy, Vilem Cage

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