Oiled Up, Fucked Down

Dirty Fuckers

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One of the many things apart from the fact they're some of the best twinks around is that they all like to caress each others bodies, mostly with some massage oil, and boy is it hot! Starting with Denis and Ray in the first scene, these two who are deeply into eachother kiss and give one of the most spectacular fucks we've seen to date. In the second scene Navon and Jacob have an oily time as Navon starts by giving Jacob a back massage but ends up massaging other parts of Jacobs body. In the third scene Ray and Lior too get their fair share of strokes and Lior doesn't doubt twice about creaming Ray's pucker. And finally we're in for a hot threesome between the photographer, his assistant and the model, as Rodion takes both Rick's and Lior's dicks at the same time whilst still covered in oil!

Actors: Denis Skala, Jacob Dolce, Lior Hod, Navon Raffi, Ray Rio, Rick Palmer, Rodion Taxa  
Director: Timmy Treasure
Language: Czech
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: Dirty Fuckers
Run Time: 101 minutes
Release Date: 9-24-2019



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