Skot Oakley's Private Videos Vol 1

Saggerz Skaterz

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From start to finish, this collection of home videos will definitely leave your mouth watering! See what happens when a group of young, hot and horny studs come together to relieve themselves of the sexual tension. Whether it's a explosive solo jerk-off or a hardcore round of boy-on-boy fucking, these guys are unleashing massive sticky loads that you don't want to miss!

Skot Oakley presents his first in a series of videos starring some of the hottest young undiscovered talent—besides seeing their fine bodies and monster cocks, these guys are interviewed by Skot so you get to know them and hear their secret sex fantasies before they bare all and shoot a load just for you. We start with David, a lean 19-year-old who loves the outdoors… and jacking off. He tells the story of coming on to a girl just to get to her hot boyfriend, and gets so worked up that he dumps a bucket of cum out his 8" cock... then Jason Knight and Cameron Drake get together; Jason's a bi gymnast and 18-year-old Cameron has an insatiable hole that Jason plugs from every possible angle! Our beach boy, J.T. Reese, with his golden hair, wife beater and beautiful smile, looks like he just stepped off the sand and into his bedroom—you won't believe his 9" cock until you see it stiffen and shoot with your very own eyes. Mike O is a straight 20-year-old skate punk with a girlfriend; this former high school wrestler drops his pants to show a great cock swinging in his boxers and then blows his big nuts all over himself. Finally, Todd Winters and Tony get together for an extra-long scene so hot it nearly melts the camera. We meet cute Tony who tells us how turned on he is by Todd—then Todd enters the room and all hell breaks loose as they start to make out and go down on each other. Then Todd eats Tony's fine bubble butt before shoving in his steel-hard cock to pound Tony in a dozen different ways! The scene ends with two killer cum shots and the studs collapsing on top of each other, spent, exhausted and happy.

Studio: Saggerz Skaterz
Director: Skot Oakley
Approximate Running Time: 02:06:34

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