The Tender Age 2

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Alex Clark, the director of The Tender Age 2, knows how to gather beautiful boys and capture them in natural moments of play and lust. Throughout The Tender Age 2, shots of boys playing ball or horsing around are intercut into the sex action. The end result is erotic. Each of the five scenes pairs two boys together at a time for an innocent tryst hidden from the group during a summer campout. There's lots of cock-sucking and some solid ass fucking with beautiful smooth-chested boys hungry for sexual experience. One of the standout scenes is between Alexey and Eugeniy. Both are cute brunettes, but Eugeniy looks more like a hot little punk with his white wife-beater T-shirt and gay boy necklace. Alexey makes the first move by sliding his hand up Eugeniy's shorts while he's sitting on a yellow raft. Finding a loose cock ready to jump out, Alexey gets Euginiy naked and sucks it. As the title suggests, the action is very tender with lots of gentle caressing, deep kissing and lingering gazes. Alexey blows his load, huge chunks landing on his own balls. Eugeniy seemed to like this and takes charge, straddling Alexey on the raft. With his legs spread wide and Alexey's ass in the air, Eugeniy slams him full of dick. Another lusty moment comes from the scene between Vitaliy and Artur. They use a mattress-sized water raft to splash around in the water, and then use it as fuck padding in a shady nook. They do the necessary warm-ups of touching, kissing and sucking before moving onto the penetration. Artur lays on his back and Vitaliy sits on it, or tries to. There was something hyper erotic about the way Artur wiggled his hips to bust through Vitaliy's boy-hymen. Vitaliy's hole was resisting, but they shook, pushed and grunted until they could get it in. It's nice to see a little resistance - a little tenderness! Cast: Vitaliy, Artur, Andrey, Ivan, Uriy, Vanechka, Alexey, Evgeniy, Saulius, Renaldas

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