Wax Me Off!!!

Kinky Hardcore Twinks

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Pain and degradation! What else would you expect from these masochists. They have a naked and bound young thing to play with – and play they certainly do. They suspend them from the straps on the ceiling, they tie them down and they make good use of the spreader bars, and with an abundance of candles at their disposal, they know just the type of painful foreplay they are going to inflict. Their moans and cries act as an aphrodisiac for these tormentors and it's not long before they are shoving their dicks into a hot mouth and an extremely tight but very prone ass and getting themselves off in spectacular fashion!

Actors: Ashton Bradley, Sebastian Kane, Drake Blaize, Luke Desmond, Calvin Croft, Justin James, Steven Prior, Kenzie Madison 
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Run Time: 102 minutes

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